2 Row Taper Roller Bearings

These specially designed Taper Roller bearings from BBC Bearings are built to take large axial forces and sustain large radial forces. In these separable roller bearings mounted in pairs with rolling elements and raceways tapered, the four basic components are the cone, cup, tapered rollers and cage. The cone, cage and tapered rollers together form the inner ring assembly, which is separable from the outer ring.

This range of BBC Bearings is so designed that the extensions of raceway and roller, converge at a point on the axis of rotation. The tapered configuration facilitates the rolling motion of roller on raceway, and generates a 'seating force', pushing the roller against the large rib of the inner ring. This prevents the rollers from skewing off-apex, thereby always keeping them positively aligned and in contact with the inner ring rib.

These bearings can not only carry a combination of radial and thrust loads, the long-line contact between rollers and races enables them to carry high loads. Depending on the magnitude of the load to be carried, the contact angle of the bearings may be narrow or wide.

Taper Roller Bearings from BBC Bearings are being increasingly used in Levelers.